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AI is transformative, but it also needs to be manageable and efficient

Finding affordable resources for AI is very challenging.

Privacy concerns, high costs, and sustainability are not buzzwords but real issues.

hiveCompute brings the power of edge computing to your GenAI workloads

With AI and compute closer to your data source, you can have your GenAI workloads more sustainable, more private, and MUCH cheaper!

90%* Cheaper

*if you use your own hardware

30% Faster in AI inference

77%* Greener

*compared to centralized data centers

Local Storage

Decreased Latency

Faster access with lower latency compared to traditional cloud storage like OneDrive.

Enhanced Security

Keep your sensitive files more secure than on standard cloud storage solutions.

AI Inference

Local NPU Enhancement

Improved local NPU capabilities for real-time, efficient AI inference, including on machines equipped with AI/NPU.

Secure Inference

Ensure the security and integrity of your AI inferencing processes

Compute Boost

CPU/GPU Resource Augmentation

Access additional CPU or GPU resources to boost your computing power.

Leverage External Resources

Utilize compute resources not currently present on your machine, like NPU, for enhanced performance.

What hiveCompute does

We turn your existing hardware into a sovereign cloud supercomputer

It's simple: your underused graphics and processing power in your laptops, desktops, and servers become part of a secure, private cloud, powering your ML and AI inference projects and computing needs.

Hive’s approach cuts costs and keeps your data within your control, in your own cloud. No need for hefty new hardware investments or expensive monthly cloud costs.

Just smart, efficient use of what you already have.

Private data stays private, costs stay low, and possibilities stay high

Interested in how hiveCompute can transform your business?

If you're looking for efficient cloud computing for GenAI, we’d love to keep you in the loop.

We are also looking for more Joint Development partners who are passionate about driving change in cloud computing. Will you partner with us?

Let's redefine the future of AI.

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If you're looking for efficient cloud computing for GenAI, we’d love to keep you in the loop.

Let's redefine the future of AI.

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