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Hive Joint Development Partner (JDP) Program Unveiled

Meet our inaugural partners

Introducing Elevatus and Innit, our first partners in the JDP initiative aimed at innovating the cloud computing landscape for GenAI applications.

Hive is thrilled to unveil the hiveCompute Joint Development Partner (JDP) initiative and warmly welcomes Elevatus and Innit as our inaugural partners!

Hot on the heels of last week’s hiveCompute launch, we at Hive are eager to roll out this groundbreaking product initiative. Targeted at businesses leveraging GenAI LLM computations, our JDP program is poised to include a total of 7 companies. This collaborative venture promises to shape our product offerings for hiveCompute and hiveDisk, granting these pioneering companies early access to and influence over our state-of-the-art solutions.

We're excited to collaborate with our JDP partners, Elevatus and Innit, who will join us in harnessing the potential of distributed cloud computing. Our goal is to redefine what computing can do for businesses globally, particularly in managing LLM GenAI workloads and beyond, offering a superior alternative to traditional centralized cloud computing.

Why join the Hive JDP program?

90%* Cheaper

*if you use your own hardware

30% Faster in AI inference

77%* Greener

*compared to centralized data centers

cost savings

Enhanced sustainability and efficiency

Access to cutting-edge technology

How to become a JDP partner

Interested in joining the Hive JDP Program? Contact us to learn about the application process and begin your journey towards cloud innovation.

Testimonials from our partners


hiveCompute is a game-changer for us. As a company that leverages AI to revolutionize the hiring process, data management is at the core of our operations. Hive's cost-effective and efficient solution empowers us to enhance our AI-driven recruitment solutions while keeping costs in check. Now, we can offer our clients unparalleled efficiency in talent acquisition without compromising on quality.

Yara, CEO @

Stathis, COO @


In our quest to provide valuable insights to the food industry, data management is paramount. hiveCompute allows us to process and analyze data with unprecedented accuracy. We can now launch all our AI projects and offer our clients actionable intelligence that drives informed decisions, all thanks to Hive's game changing solution.

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