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3rd release of HiveDrive is ready
3rd release of HiveDrive is ready
December 2, 2022

Here we are, the 3rd release of HiveDrive is ready! Beyond the refreshed first time user experience here is what is in the box: Delete file & folders Drag and drop Easy update mechanism Improved connectivity reliability and performance Improved HiveNet infrastructure availability Whether you have already signed up or not, please go to the Download page to download the new version of the HiveDrive app. We’d love to hear your feedback, so feel free to send us your comments to

New HiveDrive release is ready!
New HiveDrive release is ready!
October 31, 2022

In this release: MacOS support, move and rename files and folders, usability and performance improvements, and more!

Hive's first release
Hive's first release
September 28, 2022

We are very proud and excited to announce Hive's first release! Join us in this daring adventure, and let's build together the cloud of the future. Be among the pioneers, sign up and download our first release.

Breaking News! hive x Cannes
Breaking News! hive x Cannes
June 21, 2022

[Extract of Press Release by Mairie de Cannes, Jun 21st, 2022] Strengthening the attractiveness and influence of Cannes and stimulating local prosperity are the pillars of David Lisnard's action...

hello world!
hello world!
June 1, 2022

VISIONARY FRENCH ENTREPRENEUR, DAVID GURLE, LAUNCHES NEW VENTURE - HIVE - AND COMPLETES €7 MILLION SEED FUND RAISE Hive set to disrupt the future $1.3 trillion cloud storage and cloud compute markets‍... ‍

Data storage and
computing platform

hiveNet is a distributed cloud storage and computing platform designed for affordability, privacy, security, and sustainability.

When it comes to your data privacy, you’re at the mercy of Big Tech. It doesn't have to be that way. Introducing Hive - a secure, private and sustainable cloud for all your data.

The P2P cloud storage on hiveNet
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Fully decentralized

hiveNet is a distributed, peer-to-peer cloud platform
federating unused storage and computing resources. Data
is split into pieces and disseminated across multiple nodes
for storage or processing.

Hive is
for everyone

We're on a mission to make data storage and computing
distributed, secure, accessible and affordable for everyone
— all while reducing its impact on the planet.

Why hiveNet?

Here are a few key advantages over traditional
centralized cloud solutions.


Distributed cloud storage provides benefits to the
wider community, allowing individuals and businesses
to participate in a shared economy where unused
computing resources can be put to good use.


Data is encrypted and spread across multiple nodes in
a way that makes it impossible for anyone to access or
control all of it.


It's much harder for an attacker to compromise the
entire system because there is no single, central target.
This makes distributed cloud storage more resistant to
all security threats.


Distributed cloud storage is much more fault-tolerant
than centralized cloud storage. Nodes can fail or go
offline but the data can still be accessed from other
nodes in the system.


By sharing unused computing and storage resources
we don't need to build, run and maintain large, power-
hungry data centers.


With data stored closer to where it's needed,
distributed cloud storage can provide faster access
times. Also uploading and downloading data is done
from multiple peers at once.

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