We are Hive

We believe in doing things the right way

Just imagine a digital world where your life, your memories, isn't stored in some distant, impersonal server, but distributed across a global network of devices managed by people just like you. Your data, encrypted and secure, contributing to a community-driven cloud.

We’re a team of hive-minded doers on a mission to do just that: give you the power to own your data on a secure and sustainable distributed platform.

These are the people behind Hive

We are building the future of cloud storage and computing.

David Gurlé

Founder and Executive Chairman

Antoine Clerget

Chief Executive Officer

Queenie Chan

Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer

Pierre-Eric Jacoupy

Chief Product Officer

Vincent Gurlé

Head of Product

Richard Warren

Product Manager

Delphine Seguin

HR and Admin Director

Philippe Vialatte

Lead R&D Engineer

+ 23 more talented people distributed around the world… and counting.

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