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We provide a distributed storage and computing platform that gives you, and only you, total control over your data. It’s time to take charge of what’s truly yours.


a new cloud for the hive-minded

Hive is a new distributed, peer-to-peer cloud platform. Think of your data as a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece of your puzzle is encrypted with a key and then stored securely by other Hive users. Only you will have access to your jigsaw pieces. This way, no single place ever has access to your entire jigsaw puzzle, aka your data.

hive is
for everyone

We're on a mission to make data storage and computing distributed, secure, accessible and affordable for everyone — all while reducing its impact on the planet.

the hive five

Here are the 5 principles that
make hive thrive.

We are safe

Think of hive as a safe space for all your data.
(What happens on hive, stays on hive)

We respect
your privacy

We believe your data is for your eyes only.
(Don’t worry, no one else will get a peek)


We seek to harness the power of community.
(Nothing good is ever built alone)


We use peer-to-peer technology to create a 
secure, private and affordable network.
(No ads, no scanning, no selling your data)

We’re sustainable

By storing your data with peers much closer to you, we
reduce the need for needless long distance data transfer.
(This makes hive less of a burden on the environment)

Why hive?

Free capacity at the edge today
Cloud storage market by 2028
Cloud compute market by 2026
Worldwide electricity consumed by data centres in 2025

The hive

Imagine this. The year is 2035. hive is the fabric that stitches our world together. It unifies all of our devices. It runs on your phone, inside your self-driving car, on a moon rover, and a satellite orbiting Mars. It allows humanity to solve complex problems thanks to storage capacities that were previously unavailable.

At the same time, hive has eliminated the distinction between data centers and computers. It’s a mesh network that allows all nodes to co-operate with maximum efficiency.

It’s 2035. And hive is the platform that allows you to build, run and shape your future, your way.

The bees

behind hive

We’re a team of hive-minded dreamers and doers with a vision: to give everyone the power to control their data in a way that suits them - not in a way that suits the big tech companies. That’s why we’ve created a safe, distributed, peer-to-peer platform that lets you have things your way. Or as we like to say, ‘Hive it your way.’

“hive is the
next-gen cloud,
governed by the
people, for the

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Scientist PhD - Access control for P2P without central authority

In this Ph.D. thesis, we aim to propose a security mechanism adapted for distributed collaborative systems without a central authority.

Scientist PhD - Byzantine fault tolerance and novel sybil techniques for P2P storage

In this Ph.D. thesis, we plan to explore novel techniques to handle Sybil and Byzantine attacks in the context of distributed storage.

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