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Get unmatched security and privacy

Cut your carbon footprint and your cloud costs

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25GB for all new accounts

quadrupled to 100GB after three months*

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*Offer valid through December 3rd. Contribution to hiveNet required for free storage increase

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hiveDisk is available on (almost) all your devices

We prioritize your security, and that's why hiveDisk is not accessible via web browsers. Our app is your gateway to private, secure, and sustainable cloud storage.

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Why hiveDisk?

You're not just choosing a cloud storage service; you're joining a community of people who believe in privacy, fair utilization of resources, and a sustainable future.

Sofia E.

Marketing Copywriter

Before discovering Hive, I had heaps of unused storage just sitting there. Now, I've turned it into something meaningful, and by contributing my hard drive space, my monthly storage bills are getting lighter. It's a win-win.

Jennifer G.


I always knew that data centers are big energy spenders. By joining Hive, I'm now part of this proactive group, doing our bit for the planet, and it feels downright amazing. It’s not just storage; it’s kind of like doing my bit for the green revolution.

Angelos K.

Interior Architect

I've tried so many cloud storage options, and none felt right in terms of security. Then I stumbled upon hiveDisk. The level of security and ease of access is unparalleled. I can now access my documents from all my devices with total peace of mind.

The greenest cloud on the greenest planet*

*in the known universe

Reduce your carbon footprint by 77%

hiveDisk's distributed technology ensures that the power consumption for every member of our community is kept to a minimum, reducing your carbon footprint.

Unlike centralized cloud, we are sustainable by nature.

The most affordable plans on the market

HiveDisk is more than just storage.
You get value, security, and community-driven innovation, all at a competitive price.

up to 46% cheaper

€3.8 per TB

or less, here is how

Based on the 2TB Plan

€5 per TB

Based on the 2TB Plus Plan for Individuals

€5 per TB

Based on the 2TB Google One Plan

€7 per TB

Based on the 2TB Plan

The Hive Community

HiveDisk is just part of what Hive stands for. Every byte you store or share contributes to a collective vision where cloud technology serves not just our storage needs, but also our shared values.

Joining Hive is a decision to be part of a community that's larger than yourself.

Harness your unused drive space

Got extra storage space gathering digital dust? Hive is the only provider that lets you contribute the storage space you don't use and offset your monthly bill.

Build the right cloud

Hive isn't just cloud storage. By joining, you become part of a community that's building the cloud as it should be.

Keep your files secure and private

Hive's technology is designed from the ground up to ensure your files are stored with the utmost security and privacy.

Make the cloud sustainable

A typical centralized data center consumes huge amounts of energy. By joining the Hive community, you can change that.

Powered by hiveNet

HiveDisk is an application running on hiveNet, our distributed cloud platform.

It's powered by the contributions of Hivers—our dedicated community members—who offer their storage space and computing power to create a secure and resilient network.

Make the switch to hiveDisk today and join a community of people who believe in a sustainable digital future.

Let's build the right cloud.