Give your unused storage space a purpose

Join hiveNet with your device, contribute your extra storage, and become a part of a community building a more secure and sustainable cloud.

Your contribution is the building block of a cloud that's private, sustainable, and mindful of our environmental footprint.

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Ready to contribute?

Turn your extra storage into extra savings

Do you have unused hard drive space on your devices that is just sitting there?

Contribute a slice of it with the Hive community and not only will you help power a global network, but you'll also see your monthly cloud storage costs drop. It's an easy way to save while being part of something bigger.

Everyone can be part of the Hive community and make a difference.

To start saving, simply follow the steps below, select the amount of storage you want to contribute, and maintain it for as long as you can. Hive takes care of the rest.


Check how much you can offset the cost of your plan

It doesn't matter if you can share just 1GB or have 10TB sitting there for the taking. Everybody can contribute.

The more you share and for a longer period of time, the less you pay. With the right commitment, your contribution could easily offset the cost of your cloud storage plan.

Choose your subscription plan…
...and if you contribute
Value: 1
...your monthly bill will be
25% off
Put that hard drive to use

Create an account and download hiveDisk

This is the first step to becoming part of the Hive.

Create an account and during the process you will be prompted to download and install the hiveDisk app for your platform.


Set up your node

Once you've installed hiveDisk, go through the onboarding process to set up your node. There you will select the drive you will contribute from and the amount of GBs.


Start contributing

That's it, Hiver! Your node is now part of hiveNet ❤️.

Welcome to a community that cares about building something special on the cloud.

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Do you have any questions?

Joining hiveNet is just the beginning. Start your journey and we'll be there to support you every step of the way.

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