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HiveDisk's new plans: The first in cloud storage history to reward your contributions

July 18, 2023

HiveDisk's new plans: The first in cloud storage history to reward your contributions

Hey, Hivers!

From the very first day that we started working on this new iteration of the cloud, we knew that pricing would be a key aspect to consider. We wanted to create plans that are not only affordable but also flexible to cater to the diverse needs of our Hivers. HiveDisk is a new approach to cloud storage, a distributed community that wants to make sustainable and cheap cloud storage accessible to everyone.

After careful analysis and feedback from more than 1000 Hivers who are already part of our community, we are excited to introduce hiveDisk's new pricing plans. They are designed to give you more flexibility, more control, and more freedom.

Here's a detailed rundown of our new plans:

  • 3GB Starter Plan: Our free plan is perfect for those dipping their toes into the world of cloud storage. You get 3GB of storage without any strings attached. It's our way of saying, "Welcome to Hive!"
  • 50GB Plan: Need more space? Get 50GB of storage for just 0.99 EUR/month. Ideal for storing larger files or a larger collection of photos and documents.
  • 200GB Plan: For those who need a bit more umf, this plan offers 200GB of storage for 1.99 EUR/month. Perfect for storing all your photo collection and then some.
  • 500GB Plan: Half a terabyte of storage can be yours for just 2.99 EUR/month. This plan is ideal for families wanting to store and share their digital memories, from photos to home videos.
  • 1000GB Plan: Enter the terabyte territory with this plan, offering 1000GB of storage for 4.49 EUR/month. Perfect for heavy-duty Hivers who want even more storage.
  • 2000GB Plan: Double your storage with this plan, offering 2000GB for 7.49 EUR/month. This plan is perfect for professionals like architects or engineers who need to store large CAD files or 3D models.
  • 5000GB Plan: Need massive storage? Get 5000GB for just 12.99 EUR/month. This plan is perfect for animation and film production professionals with extensive digital assets.
  • 8000GB Plan: For the data hoarders, the digital packrats, the ones who never delete an email, we present our 8000GB plan. For just 19.99 EUR/month, you can store... well, pretty much the entire internet (yes, we are exaggerating). Perfect for those who believe in 'go big or go home' when it comes to data storage.

Remember, none of these plans require you to contribute any storage. They come at a small monthly fee, and you get the full storage capacity to use as you please.

But if you want to contribute and be part of our buzzing community... We're introducing a new concept: GBh, or gigabytes contributed per hour per device. The more you contribute to hiveNet, the less you pay for your plan. It's all a unique benefit of being a part of the Hive community and contributing to our vision of a sustainable, distributed cloud network. You can find your contribution and your GBh at your new account page.

Learn more about contributions and GBh here.

And for our early adopters, we have a special treat. All existing Hivers will transition to the free plan, and all the storage you've enjoyed until today is yours for life. Want more? You can always buy extra storage.

A new era for Hive and hiveDisk

Our new pricing plans are more than just a list of options; they're a reflection of our commitment to providing a flexible, user-centric cloud storage experience. Each plan is designed with different needs in mind, ensuring that whether you're a casual Hiver or a power Hiver, you'll find a plan that fits your needs perfectly.

Our new pricing structure aligns with Hive's commitment to creating a secure, sustainable cloud for all. By introducing the concept of GBh, we're bringing to Hivers the chance to contribute to hiveNet, strengthening our distributed cloud network and making it more robust and reliable. This is a first in the industry, and a step away from centralized solutions that put the community away from the spotlight.

We've also prepared a comprehensive FAQ section on our contribution and pricing pages to answer all your questions about our new pricing plans. From understanding how the plans work to managing your account, we've got you covered.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Hive team (or just join our Discord server 😉).


Until then, keep sharing!

Team Hive

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