HIVE and Inria sign a strategic partnership
November 29, 2022

HIVE and Inria sign a strategic partnership

On November 22, 2022, the startup Hive and Inria, the French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology, announced the launch of a strategic partnership for a period of four years.

A strategic partnership to design a peer-to-peer cloud

The first major action of this partnership will be to set up a challenge to remove several technological barriers identified around the construction of the peer-to-peer cloud carried by Hive. Among the topics addressed in this challenge: the large-scale optimization of data placement and repair in a peer-to-peer network. This challenge will associate, along with the Hive teams, three Inria project-teams working respectively on the definition of methods and techniques for building trusted collaborative applications, on the design and implementation of autonomous distributed systems and on the design of distributed systems.

After several conclusive research missions, Hive and Inria have sealed this partnership to support a common objective: creating a cutting-edge technology that is accessible to all and sustainable.

A virtuous public/private alliance

In this partnership, the commitment and benefits are mutual. On the one hand, it will enable Inria, which is also co-piloting the PEPR* Cloud with the CEA, to intensify its work on decentralized clouds, to confront them with a concrete implementation, and thus to increase its impact thanks to this partnership with Hive. On the other hand, Hive will be able to benefit from the expertise of public research through Inria to accelerate its developments and offer the public a new data storage tool that escapes centralized clouds by 2023.

"I am very happy to see this partnership start. I've been in close contact with the French government for several years now, and I deeply believe in the virtue of pooling private and public intelligence to achieve a technological objective that is as ambitious as it is essential. We are going to build a sovereign cloud, capable of competing with the historical cloud providers and guaranteeing digital human rights" says David Gurlé, founder of Hive.

Inria is inaugurating its first challenge with a technology startup with the involvement of three project teams, each with complementary expertise, who will work closely with Hive's teams to develop a product featuring a novel technology. Hive is making a significant investment in this partnership, with 8 PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and engineers will be recruited within the 3 Inria project teams. The first results are expected from the beginning of 2024.

"The partnership with Hive is a good example of the partnerships that Inria forms with technology startups that have an ambition, here for the conception and deployment of peer-to-peer clouds. I am pleased that we are moving forward, through an Inria Challenge, with the company founded by David Gurlé, to accelerate their design roadmap. It is also a great opportunity to jointly mobilize the complementary expertise of several joint project teams with our partners, notably the University of Rennes 1 and the University of Lorraine, for greater impact."

Bruno Sportisse, President and CEO of Inria

About Inria

Inria is the French national institute for research in digital science and technology. World-class research, technological innovation and entrepreneurial risk are its DNA. Within 200 project-teams, most of which are shared with major research universities, more than 3,500 researchers and engineers explore new avenues, often in interdisciplinary ways and in collaboration with industrial partners, to meet ambitious challenges. As a technology institute, Inria supports the diversity of innovation paths: from open source software publishing to the creation of technology startups (Deeptech). Inria has been awarded the Carnot Institute label, confirming its commitment to bringing together research and industry.

About Hive

Hive is a data storage and distributed computing platform, allowing users to rent their computing resources and store and process their data in a co-located manner. Founded by David Gurlé, a serial entrepreneur and technology disruptor who created the American encrypted communication unicorn Symphony, Hive's mission is to provide consumers and businesses with full control over their data in a secure peer-to-peer environment. Hive raised €7 million in seed funding in June 2022.

* Priority Research Program and Equipment of the Cloud acceleration strategy