Your privacy options

Community means respect. This includes respecting your personal information. We do need some details to deliver the best possible experience, but remember - it's your data, your rules.

Let's run through what we need and why:

Email address

Think of your email as the master key to your Hive account. It's unique to you and is how we identify you. Yes, we'll drop you an occasional email about our newest features or updates, but you can opt out at any time by unsubscribing through the email you received.

(Note: Important notifications about your account and other essential communications will still come through - as long as you're using a product by Hive.)

Name and Country

Just for invoicing purposes. You will be prompted to share this info with Stripe when you opt for one of our Premium Plans.


You are at the helm of your personal data. You can access and change it whenever you like, and we are here to help you if you are unable or don't know how to do so.

You can check our Privacy Policy below, but if for any reason you are not happy with how we approach privacy, you can close your Hive account under Account Settings -> 'Delete your Account'.

In case you decide to delete your account, rest assured we will permanently erase your data from our servers within 30 days.

You control your info

Browser settings allow you to manage your cookies. Check out to learn more. Disabling cookies might affect some of Hive's functions, so bear this in mind.