This November, it's time to change your perspective on tech sustainability

That new M3 Macbook looks shiny. We know.

Its sleek design and the promise of faster processing can easily draw you in. However, this Black Friday, we invite you to pause and reconsider. The race for the newest tech leaves a trail of obsolete gadgets, contributing to the rising e-waste crisis.

Your current laptop, regardless of its age, holds untapped potential.

This Black Friday, do what no one expects you to do

love the tech products you already have

E-waste is such a waste

Black Friday feeds the cycle of endless buying and discarding, contributing to the mounting e-waste crisis.

This year, let’s challenge this norm. Your current laptop is more than capable, especially with Hive by your side.

The circular economy is real

Making the most out of what you already own is a cornerstone of the circular economy.

Unlike the traditional take-make-waste model, a circular economy emphasizes the importance of reusing, repairing, and recycling.

It's about extending the life of products, reducing waste, and minimizing your carbon footprint.

No matter what the ads say

you don't have to consume more than you need to

Embrace longevity, even with new tech

And even if the time has finally come to update your tech, or if you're gifting devices this festive season, choose products that last longer. Ensure your new gadgets respect your right to repair, and share your unused resources with the Hive community. Your new device joining hiveNet becomes part of a collective effort to cherish and sustain our tech and to create a sustainable digital future.

Keep your devices for longer and give back to the community

That's the Hive way

Reduce cloud storage costs

Contribute your unused storage space to hiveNet and offset your cloud storage cost. The more you share and for the longer, the less you pay.

Cloud storage for almost free

Lower your carbon footprint

By extending the life of your laptop and contributing to hiveNet, you're part of a solution that lowers your carbon footprint by 77%. It's a choice that benefits you and the planet.

The greenest cloud

Join a community

You're joining a movement aimed at reducing e-waste and promoting tech sustainability. Together, we’re creating a digital landscape that values longevity over disposability.

Become a Hiver

This Black Friday keep your laptop, give those old headphones a nice run around the park, enjoy what you have...

...and switch your cloud storage to hiveDisk

Special Black Green Friday Offer

25GB for all new accounts

Increase to 100GB after three months*

For a limited time until December 3rd, we're boosting our free storage offer to 25GB for all new members as a thank you for joining our mission to become the most sustainable cloud.

Stay with us for three months, contribute your unused hard drive space to hiveNet, and we'll quadruple your free space to 100GB.

*Offer valid through December 3rd. Contribution to hiveNet for three months required for free storage increase


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