New release - hiveDrive continues to evolve
February 3, 2023

New release - hiveDrive continues to evolve

Hive's new release launches a set of new features making it snappier and more refined.

Here is what you can expect from our February release: 

  • Updated taskbar overlay showing the status of all you file uploads, file upload history, and a quick preview of the peer map
  • If you've contributed 50 GB as part of our campaign, you'll get access to your 2 TB of free lifetime storage
  • Improved email verification flow
  • Improved reliability for joining & connecting with the HiveNet
  • Much faster download speed of the HiveDrive installer

We can’t wait to get your feedback, so feel free to get in touch with your thoughts.

For those of you who shared 50GB, this is your time: your 2TB of free storage is now available on HiveDrive. Simply update to the latest version to make the most of your reward.

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