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At Hive, before we even thought about building our roadmap, processes and operating model, we decided first to imagine and define our culture, our soul, our values that we will have the joy of living by everyday, and desire to nurture it as we grow and mature.

We felt that "human comes before business". This isn't a decision that comes as easy as it sounds. Most businesses, even they might think this way, do the exact opposite. We will strive not to do that!

The Hive values


We accomplish the impossible with humility and fun


We are consistently honest, open, ethical and fair


No horizon is far enough for our vision


We empower ourselves to become better individuals and reach new heights as a team

Scientist PhD - Access control for P2P without central authority

In this Ph.D. thesis, we aim to propose a security mechanism adapted for distributed collaborative systems without a central authority.

Scientist PhD - Byzantine fault tolerance and novel sybil techniques for P2P storage

In this Ph.D. thesis, we plan to explore novel techniques to handle Sybil and Byzantine attacks in the context of distributed storage.

Scientist PhD - Management of mutable data over P2P storage

In this Ph.D. thesis, we plan to propose a replication mechanism over sharded encrypted data that merges concurrent changes and that optimizes the cost of this merging by a suitable replica placement.

Scientist PhD - Reliable and cost-efficient data placement and repair in P2P storage

This Ph.D. thesis will address the problem of how to provide cost-efficient yet reliable data management when deploying erasure codes (EC) in large scale trusted peer-to-peer cloud storage systems.

Marketing Interns

Join us on your career journey in marketing by collaborating with top engineers and learning from the best.

R&D Interns

Join us on your career journey into R&D by collaborating with top engineers and learning from the best.

Software Engineer, P2P Systems

Join us as we seek to build a new form of distributed storage & computation.

Software Engineer, UI

Join us as we deliver a world-class UI on top of our distributed technology stack.

Security Engineer

Help us provide quantum-resistant encryption and more to safeguard our users.

Product Marketing

Help us educate, show and reach out to our to-be users.