The powerhouse behind hiveDisk

Meet hiveNet

HiveDisk owes its efficiency, reliability, and robustness to an intricate distributed platform—hiveNet.
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Hive globe

A fully distributed cloud

HiveNet is our distributed cloud infrastructure. It brings together individual nodes—users like you, who contribute their storage space—to create a secure and resilient network.

This network forms the backbone of hiveDisk, enabling us to provide our users with an affordable, efficient, and highly private cloud storage solution.

In the future, we will be building more cloud solutions on hiveNet, from creating backup vaults to sharing your computing power.

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HiveNet is an alternative to traditional centralized data centers

All major cloud companies rely on huge data centers running 24/7. Our solution is different - it uses hard drives of computers like yours so it doesn’t use any extra energy.

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Hive network

This is how hiveDisk
works on hiveNet

Simple on the outside, complex on the inside. There is a lot of “magic” happening to keep your data private, safe and ready to use.

Storing and Maintaining Your Data

Here's how we choose where to store your data and what we do to ensure it stays safe and accessible.

Retrieving Your Data

When you need your data back, this process ensures that you can download, decode, and decrypt your data.

HiveDisk is the right way to store and access your files.

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